From IT to Broker, David Lynn’s Path to Murphy Business

David Lynn became a Murphy Business Franchise Owner in 2015 in Philadelphia, 25 years after he first considered the opportunity. An early conversation with Murphy Business Franchise Owner Bernie Siegel piqued Lynn’s interest in joining the industry but life led him elsewhere. He spent 10+ years in the non-profit world and worked as a Database… Read more »

Business Broker Powerhouse Chooses Murphy Business

Murphy Business is excited to announce our newest Franchise Owner, Frank Chebalo. Prior to joining Murphy Business, Frank spent three decades in television broadcasting, holding an executive position for the majority of them. And his brokerage specific experience is equally as impressive. Frank has been a business broker for 10 years having owned a successful… Read more »

Article in Canadian Franchise Magazine

There are really two kinds of entrepreneurs. There are those with a passion to “hang their own shingle,” who are willing to buck the odds that say more than 80 percent of start-ups will fail during the first five years. As for the second group, while they carry the same entrepreneurial spirit as the first,… Read more »