What is a Business Broker Franchise?

You are probably somewhat familiar with what a business broker does. But what is a business broker franchise? Can’t you become a business broker on your own? What advantage would you have by investing your entrepreneurial spirit in a business broker franchise? At Murphy Business, we understand you have many questions. We’re happy to answer them as you consider your purchase.

A Franchise is a Sensible Starting Point for Success

Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or have never owned a business in your life, you’re smart to consider opening a business broker franchise. Rather than starting from scratch with all of the hassles that entails – including developing a business plan, naming your business, renting office space, initiating a marketing campaign, and hiring staff — it makes sense to let someone else lay all that groundwork. And that’s exactly what a franchise operation is designed to do for you.

Murphy Business has essentially done all the “dirty work”, so your franchise can be up and running quickly.

But Why a Business Broker Franchise?

People everywhere are conducting ‘due diligence’ on the Internet and social networks to properly vet companies before deciding to do business with them. Brand awareness is an all-important indicator of reliability and lends credibility to any company.

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In particular, when a business owner is considering selling or when an individual wants to buy a company, they will typically search the Internet to locate appropriate prospects on their own; or, they will seek out local business brokers to assist them. They may also rely on word-of-mouth recommendations. However, business buyers and sellers can’t waste time with fly-by-night, unreliable business brokers. These deals are too important and too complex and involve too many parties, from appraisers to attorneys to financial analysts.

Instead, they turn to business brokers who have an established presence and longevity. They prefer relying on someone they can trust! Not only that, but they also know that a franchisee will have the training, knowledge, and business contacts necessary to enact all of the necessary procedures to complete a transaction. As an owner, you can fill a tremendous need in the marketplace.

A Business Broker Franchise Transforms Knowledge Into Power

It takes preparation to open a business broker franchise – or any business for that matter. Typically, a franchise owner has the benefit of following a proven business model. This model is based on years of experience and provides winning approaches to every aspect of operations. Franchisors such as Murphy Business can also provide access to exclusive industry resources pertaining to marketing, client relations, financial analysis, sales techniques, and more. As a business broker franchise owner, you can easily apply all of this practical know-how in your own business, enabling you to make powerful inroads in the local territory.

A Business Broker Franchise Gets National Support

Being a solo entrepreneur can be lonely. But when you join a franchise, you have the best of both worlds: You can realize your dream of managing your own endeavor and being your own boss, but with the backing of a national firm.

You will be making day-to-day decisions on your own and working your own schedule, but you can look to the franchisor to generate leads, assist with financial matters, assemble proposals, supply technology, and website support. This also leaves you free to focus on ground-level activities such as meeting prospects, creating fruitful business relationships, and closing deals.
Does the idea of a business broker franchise intrigue you? There is a lot more to learn. Explore your opportunities with Murphy Business by calling us at 727-725-7090 today.
*The franchising information contained in this article is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. An offer can only be made by a prospectus, which in certain cases, must first be filed with the applicable state regulatory agency. Such filing does not constitute approval by the respective state regulatory agency. Earnings information is provided in summary form. Details are in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. You should conduct due diligence and review the Franchise Disclosure Document carefully regarding the franchise offering.