10 Small Business Ideas for Corporate Executives

Many executives are more than happy to spend their careers in the corporate world. But if you’ve always dreamed of running your own company, year after year in a corner office could leave you feeling restless. Now that you have the skills and capital to make your dream a reality, it’s time to start thinking of small business ideas.

You’ll want a business that leverages your professional skills and personal strengths. As a successful executive, that usually means looking at small business ideas in the financial and business services sector — like a Murphy Business Broker franchise.

Small Business Idea #1: A Business Brokerage Franchise

At Murphy, we believe that a business brokerage franchise is easily one of the best small business ideas for corporate executives.

Few other small business ideas offer the possibilities and freedom enjoyed by business brokers. If you have the requisite skills and ambition, becoming a business broker gives you the opportunity to:

  • Start your own business for a modest upfront investment
  • Work independently, choosing your own clients and schedule
  • Operate your business from the comfort of your home
  • Thrive in a financially lucrative industry
  • Help sellers recoup full value for the companies they’ve developed
  • Help buyers achieve their dreams of small business ownership

What’s more, the business brokerage industry is an ideal fit for corporate executives looking for small business ideas. As a business broker, you can leverage the analytical, interpersonal, and strategic skillsets you developed in your corporate career.

Murphy Business has long believed that these skills are what separate successful brokers from the competition. Because of this, we’re highly selective about who we recruit to our franchise network. To maximize our franchisees’ chances of success, we exclusively recruit candidates with prior experience as business owners or corporate executives.

9 More Small Business Ideas for Corporate Executives

For many executives, becoming a business broker is the perfect small business idea. But business brokerage isn’t for everybody. If you think you’d be more comfortable in another field or niche, it’s worth exploring other small business ideas that take advantage of your skills and experience.

To get you started, here are 9 more of the best small business ideas for executives.

  1. Business Consultant. Your background as a C-level executive can be the launchpad to a second career in business consultancy, especially if you can work in a specialized field.
  2. Business Plan Specialist. You know what it takes to run a successful business. So why not help first-time entrepreneurs develop business concepts into detailed business plans?
  3. Contract Negotiations Coach. Have you mastered the art of contract negotiations? For a one-time fee, you can help clients extract maximum long-term value from their next contract.
  4. Executive Coach. Over your career, you developed systems and skills that allowed you to thrive. As an executive coach, you can pass these systems and skills on to other executives.
  5. Executive Recruiting Service. If you have an eye for talent and an extensive network of contacts, you might consider starting a business in executive recruitment.
  6. Expense Reductions Consultant. As an expense reduction consultant, you can help businesses trim unnecessary waste, leading to healthier and more sustainable margins.
  7. Management Coach. As a proven leader, your small business can specialize in coaching other professionals on how to effectively manage larger teams and projects.
  8. Marketing Consultant. Many businesses have great products or services, but they don’t know how to market their offerings, and they’ll happily pay for advice on how to fix this problem.
  9. Small Business Coach. After years in a corporate capacity, you might want to get out of the boardroom. As a small business coach, you can help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.

Call (727) 725-7090 today for detailed information about the Murphy Business franchise opportunity. We are one of the best small business ideas available to enterprising entrepreneurs.