What’s the Best Home-Based Business for C-Suite Executives?

If you’ve built a successful career as a C-suite executive, a home-based business could be the perfect next step.

As the owner of a home-based business, you get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and work from the comfort of home. At the same time, starting a home-based business allows you to keep your upfront costs and ongoing overhead to a minimum. Plus, as a C-level professional, you can leverage your skills and background into a lucrative personal business.

Yet all of this depends on finding the right business opportunity. That invites the question: What should C-suite executives look for in a home-based business? And what’s the best home business opportunity for executive-class professionals?

What Makes a Great Home-Based Business for C-Suite Professionals?

What kinds of criteria should C-level professionals look for in a home-based business opportunity? The answer will change from one entrepreneur to another, but there are a number of key qualities that appeal to most C-suite professionals.

Here are three of the biggest things that executive-class professionals should look for in a home business.

1. Chance to Leverage Your Executive Skillset. Over the course of your career, you’ve developed valuable skills and professional experience. As a C-suite executive, you have a specialized set of talents and a degree of expertise that few other people can match. If you’re planning to launch a home-based business, you should be leveraging these assets. There are countless business opportunities that allow you to work from home. But only a few of these opportunities will make full use of your unique talents.

2. Strong Potential Return on Your Investment. It goes without saying that when you launch a small business, you’re looking for a positive return on investment. But as a C-suite executive, you’ll have higher expectations for those returns than some other entrepreneurs. If you’re already making six figures a year, you’ll want a home-based business that offers similar or greater profits. Depending on your goals and situation, you may also want a business that achieves profitability sooner rather than later.

3. Professional Freedom and Independence. A home-based business gives you the opportunity to work the way you’ve always wanted. Your old job may have required demanding hours, evening meetings, or weekend commitments. For most small business owners, a home business is equally demanding — if not more so. But with your professional skillset, you have options that other entrepreneurs don’t have. With your qualifications, you can target a niche industry that offers the professional freedom you’re looking for, plus the profitability you expect.

Why a Murphy Business Franchise Could Be the Perfect Fit

There are a handful of business opportunities that meet all three of the criteria outlined above. Of these, a professional business brokerage agency stands out as an ideal home-based business for C-level professionals.

To start, the business brokerage industry is perfect if you have previous C-suite experience. Your background will give you the foundation you need to learn the brokerage industry and become a successful broker. It will also allow you to provide your clients with expert advice in various aspects of business ownership and management.

Meanwhile, the potential returns of a business brokerage firm are substantial. That’s especially true when they’re stacked up against other home business opportunities. Operating as a sole proprietorship, a successful business broker can earn annual profits in the mid-six figures. What’s more, the business brokerage industry has the potential for rapid growth over the next several years.

Finally, as a business broker, you’ll enjoy a remarkable level of professional independence. With rare exceptions, business brokers only need to perform work and meet with clients during regular business hours. Moreover, business brokers have the freedom to choose their clients, set their own schedules, and establish their own workflow.

Start a Home-Based Business Brokerage Firm with Murphy

In many cases, the only drawback to starting your own business brokerage firm is the lack of a roadmap. If you’re not already familiar with the business brokerage industry, you might worry about the learning curve or how you’ll attract your first leads.

That’s where Murphy Business comes in. Our franchise offering gives you the entry point you need to get started with a home-based business brokerage firm of your own.

Murphy franchisees enjoy one of the most rigorous training programs in the business brokerage industry. As a Murphy Business Broker, you’ll also get immediate access to pre-qualified leads in your territory. Even better, we’ll open the doors to a range of nationwide and international business brokerage networks. That way, you’ll have an extensive pool of business buyers to market businesses to.

Call (727) 725-7090 today to learn how you can start a home-based business with a Murphy Business franchise!