Low Cost Franchise Opportunities for Business Brokers

As a franchise opportunity, Murphy Business sits at a unique intersection. On the one hand, we offer entry to a lucrative and growing industry. On the other hand, we’re one of the premier low-cost franchise opportunities for executive-class professionals. Few other franchise opportunities can boast the earnings potential of a Murphy Business franchise, while also offering such an affordable entry point.

Compare Murphy Business to other low-cost franchise opportunities currently on the market. Many of these franchise opportunities are in sectors like home improvement, janitorial services, or personal training. While they don’t cost much to purchase, these opportunities are heavy on physical labor and relatively low on profit potential.

A Murphy Business franchise comes at a comparable initial investment, yet our low-cost franchise opportunities have much more to offer for business-minded professionals.

As a business broker, you’ll be putting your skillset to full use, drawing on your prior experience as a business owner or C-level executive. A Murphy franchise also comes with impressive earnings potential. In 2017, the top third of Murphy franchisees earned average gross profits of more than $345,000 per location*.

Franchise Opportunities Cost Less for Our Brokers

What is it about a Murphy Business franchise that your initial investment can be so low, yet your earnings potential can be so high?

Let’s start by examining the investment side of the equation.

Many business brokers are independent professionals who operate without a brick-and-mortar office. If you choose to open your business without a physical office, you can minimize the initial cost of investment. Our low-cost franchise opportunities require as low as $100,000 in liquid capital and as little as $62,500 in startup costs.

On top of our low upfront costs, a Murphy Business franchise also comes with low overhead. Many of our franchisees continue to work from home or a virtual office even after they’ve found financial success as a business broker, allowing them to operate their business with minimal ongoing expenses.

Other Murphy franchisees choose to invest in a brick-and-mortar office as their business becomes more successful. For these franchisees, the increase in overhead is well worth it. A physical office allows them to add brokerage specialists to their staff while projecting a more confident and accomplished image to their clients.

Additionally, some franchisees will use their office as a launchpad for growth. Once they’ve become firmly established within their community, they will purchase nearby territories to expand their reach.

And given the state of the business transfer industry, it’s easy to see why that’s a smart investment.

Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities with Potential

Murphy Business is low-cost franchise opportunity that offers a positive return on investment with minimal limits on growth potential. As with any business, new franchisees can expect some initial growing pains. Yet once those growing pains have passed, a business brokerage franchise can become lucrative. In 2017, our top-earning franchise posted gross annual profits of $782,750 as a sole proprietor*.

That’s to say nothing of the profit potential of the business brokerage industry at large. At any given time, there are 5+ million businesses for sale in the U.S. Yet only a fraction of business sales involve a business broker.

At Murphy Business, we know how valuable business brokerage services can be for small and mid-sized business owners. While business owners have been slow to recognize this value, more and more sellers are starting to hire business brokers.

Many brokers expect that the industry will hit a major growth spurt within the next 10 to 15 years. Should this happen, it could mean a windfall for brokers who entered the business on the ground floor. This potential is another that sets Murphy Business apart from other low-cost franchise opportunities.

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* See item 19 of our FDD issued on April 17, 2018, for details.