The Advantages of Making Your Franchise Home-Based

One of the biggest advantages of the Murphy Business franchise opportunity is the chance to make your franchise home based. While other franchise offerings require a physical office or storefront, a Murphy franchise can be easily run from home or from a virtual office.

If you’re purchasing a Murphy Business franchise, a home-based operation could save you significant time, money, and stress. Below, we’ll take a closer look at why so many Murphy Business Brokers choose to work from home. After that, we’ll explore how you can make the most of a home-based franchise.

The Benefits of a Home-Based Franchise

There are several benefits to making your Murphy Business franchise home based.

Want to keep overhead to a minimum? Waste less time in traffic every day? Balance your personal and professional life? Running your franchise from home can help in all three of these areas. Here’s how…

Advantage #1: Low Startup Costs & Overhead. There are a few better ways to reduce business costs than running your franchise from home. For starters, you’ll save hundreds of dollars every month (or more) that you’d otherwise be spending on an office space rental. You can also, furnish your home office using furniture and equipment that you already own.

Many home businesses and home business owners are also eligible for certain tax deductions. This way, you can retain a greater share of your annual income.

Advantage #2: Be More Efficient with Your Time. Americans spend over four hours each week commuting back and forth to work. Over the course of a full year, that’s more than 200 hours wasted in traffic. This is just one of the many inefficiencies that you can eliminate by working from home.

By operating a home-based franchise, your commute to work takes thirty seconds instead of thirty minutes. Instead of idling in traffic, you can dedicate more time to your business, or find more hours for personal activities.

Advantage #3: Achieve a Better Work/Life Balance. Some people struggle to balance their personal and professional lives when working from home. When both happen under the same roof, it’s easy for one to bleed into the other.

But if you can keep your work-life and home-life separate, a home-based franchise gives you unmatched freedom and flexibility. You choose your own workload, set your own schedule, and design your own workflow. This way, you can balance your professional and personal life to a degree that would be impossible with an office-based business.

Running Your Franchise as a Home-Based Business

Most Murphy franchisees leap at the opportunity to run their franchise as a home-based business. Doing so, however, can come with certain challenges. Here are a few steps that you can take to make your home-based franchise more manageable.

  • Rent a business address. This way, you don’t need to list your residential address on business communications and important documents.
  • Get a remote receptionist. This can help you manage phone traffic while giving you a more professional client-facing image.
  • Go to your client. Our business brokers hold the vast majority of meetings at their clients’ places of business.
  • Rent hourly meeting space. When clients can’t host meetings, you can typically find a local meeting room for rent by the hour.
  • Design a productive workspace. Make sure that you invest the time and resources you need to create a focus-friendly and ergonomic home workspace.
  • Set and respect boundaries. Avoid mixing your personal and professional life by keeping work to certain parts of your home and hours of the day.

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