5 Perks of Owning a Franchise Business with Murphy Business

Murphy Business Logo - owning a franchise businessInterested in owning a franchise business? Unsure which type of franchise will be the best fit? It’s a common scenario for prospective entrepreneurs. You know that you have the ambition, drive, and skills to own a franchise business. You know that you want to be your own boss and shape your own destiny. But you’re not sure which path to take to reach that goal.

One type of franchise opportunity you might not have considered is a business brokerage agency. Professionals with a background in business ownership or management are often the perfect fit for owning a franchise in the business transfer industry, which is a market with significant potential.

If you think that you’d be a great fit for a owning a business brokerage franchise, we believe you’ll find the perfect opportunity with Murphy Business. We offer a number of perks and benefits that other franchise opportunities simply do not or cannot offer.

Whether you’re looking for growth potential, want a proven business model, or are worried about the initial cost of investment, owning a franchise is better with Murphy.

5 Reasons Why Owning a Franchise Business Is Better with Murphy

  1. Massive Potential. The business brokerage industry is a largely untapped market with massive growth potential. At any given moment, there are more than 5 million businesses for sale in the U.S. Yet it’s estimated that there are fewer than 4,000 professional business brokers in the nation. This represents a significantly underserved market with tons of room for growth.
  2. Brand Recognition. Owning a franchise business is substantially easier when you are part of a recognized and trusted franchise brand. That is precisely what you will get with Murphy Business. Our business brokers are widely recognized for their expertise, their commitment to client satisfaction, and the ROI they bring to business transfers. What’s more, we operate a successful multi-faceted lead generation program, a program that directly benefits our franchisees.
  3. Proven Business Model. At Murphy Business, we have more than two decades of experience in the business transfer industry. Over that time, we’ve developed a tried-and-tested, turnkey business model, taking the guesswork out of starting your own business brokerage firm. Our model is reinforced by the extensive training and support that we provide to our franchisees, including 45 hours of online training, 4-5 days of classroom training, and ongoing franchisee support.
  4. Flexible Scheduling. One of the most common drawbacks of owning a business is the pressure it puts on your schedule. Many franchise owners find themselves working 50, 60, or even 70 hours per week, particularly in the early stages of their business. What’s more, it is common for franchisees to work outside of regular business hours. Owning a franchise in the business transfer industry comes with no such problems. The vast majority of our work is done during regular business hours, and brokers rarely need to work evenings or weekends.
  5. Low Initial Investment. Even if you’re ready to own and operate your own business, the cost of owning a franchise may be an obstacle to your dreams. Many franchise opportunities require an initial investment in the high-six or low-seven figure range, which makes owning a business beyond the reach of most people. With Murphy Business, the initial investment for owning a franchise business is between $62,250 and $123,735, depending on the type of franchise you open. That’s less than a tenth of the cost of many other franchise opportunities.

Learn more about owning a franchise business as a Murphy Business Broker. Call us at (727) 725-7090 to get more information about our franchise opportunity.